Starting with the basics

What is Social Media and the broadening scope of Social Media

The most of us what a measly popped into my mind when we think of social media are words like Facebook or Twitter. But these are only names of social media services. The term social media defined all the means of interactions among people in which they create share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

According to one classification, we can consider six different types of social media.

  • Collaborative projects for example Wikipedia
  • Blogs and microblogs for example Tumblr WordPress Twitter
  • Content communities such as YouTube and Vimeo
  • Social networking sites such as Facebook
  • Virtual game world like world of warcraft
  • Virtual social worlds like second life

This course will cover the social media which are most common and most widely used with personal usage and business. I like to go off Topic ever so slightly and introduce you to your own free puppy bear with me though, isn’t he cute?


Well actually Hugo is a boy but who can really tell with puppies right? The main thing is they’re cute and Hugo was a rescue dog with big eyes on me and I got him.  We couldn’t wait to get him home.  Before we knew it though Hugo had peed on every inch of our carpets. We were simply not prepared for the arrival of Hugo but we learned quickly on the job and now we have a healthy 2 year old dog who is an absolute  joy.

As with free puppies, social media is also free.  Like puppies social media also seems like a new and exciting thing a great idea but before long the commitment becomes apparent and the task ahead is daunting.

You’re taking the right step by honing your skills and learning new ones with this course but always remember the puppy story, when shiny new things come along ask yourself, do I know enough yet to get started? Do I really have time to commit to this new social network and is it going to cause me any issues?

Now, most people teach you that social media is just about marketing but I’d like to be very clear about this early on in the course, social media is not just a marketing tool. In fact you don’t want all the responsibility for social media if you’re in a marketing department in an organisation.

Why is this? Well, social media affects every single layer department and person within a modern organisation. They might not know it though, depending on the type of business you run will adjust the scope of how social media impacts and can have effects on all your organisation.

Some of these areas that it can affect include:

  • Customer services
  • Recruitment and HR
  • Internal communications
  • Sales
  • Marketing and PR
  • Innovation
  • CEO thought leadership
  • and not forgetting the role it plays in people’s personal lives

The areas are vast and it’s just the marketing department have the sole responsibility for social media they could end up making decisions and getting drawn into areas that just aren’t there bag or expertise.

This course is designed to give every department of whistle-stop tour of all the important bits. Engage your whole team and get them all trained, it will help you and your business massively.  Don’t start to panic just yet. I will teach you a little later on how to audit where social media exists and how you can manage and most importantly control it