Social Media Strategy – 1

3.1 Choosing your channel

Choosing the right channel for your social media efforts is super important. One of the golden rules of social media is to do a handful of channels really well.  In this short lesson, I want to take you on a whistle-stop tour of the demographic make-up of the social networks and most importantly, why you might want to use them for your business or organisation.

Out of all the active Internet users around the world, which Internet users use which social media platforms?  So at the top, who do you think this is? All you’ll be right if you guessed Facebook of course. Now, have a little think what do you think the second most popular and active social media site is?

It is qzone

It’s a Chinese site and it’s very popular. So if you have a Chinese target market, definitely worth looking into.

Next , lots of people, if they’re a consumer based business, they use LinkedIn and I’ve seen all sorts of interesting uses of LinkedIn in the past if you’re a bar, you could use social media to contact new suppliers. If you’re an alcohol brand, you got a whole network of 18 + people also If you’re a prestige brand, you can feel to buy jobs and earnings and job title and that sort of thing.

Then we got Instagram This is quickly become even more popular over last 12 months and at the bottom there, Twitter .

So which social media platforms should you use ice on gender make-up?

What you might have already heard that Pinterest has an overwhelming 71% female users.  It’s a really interesting stat to think about that.  Now, unlike the other social networks because Pinterest has such a high number of female users, you probably are right to assume that the whole tone and feeling of the site is a lot more feminine.

The other social media platforms listed here are more balanced, 56% female Instagram, 53% on Twitter, 52% on Facebook. If you were going to target social media sites based on gender, unless you really wanted to hi,t Pinterest which is a visual social media site, the playing field is quite level, when it comes to the others.

Choosing your social media channels shouldn’t be a really long process for you guys but it is worth thinking about so you don’t become silly busy. Remember your time is precious, so dedicated yourself to a couple of social media channels, do them really well, learn how to use them using this course and your job as a social media manager was a marketing manager will become a lot more simple.