Introduction social strategy & the social journey

In this section, I’m going to look at the social media journey, goal setting, social media audit, and then creating a strategy and ultimately, how strategy will lead to social media success.

Did you know that companies with a clear strategy that regularly measure their efforts, see 60% faster growth than those without a plan?

One of the pitfalls or challenges of social media is the time investment required to actually do social media correctly and build a comprehensive base that will work for you now and future.  Most companies just dive straight in and set up any old profiles just because they think they have to. Another big challenge your social media is the sheer number of platforms that exist in social media sphere.

There’re so many platforms in fact that your business could be on even if you would just look at the major players and a couple of others, we’re still looking at a dozen different very reliable social media platforms that all have enough traffic to merit serious consideration when you’re trying to balance time and you’re available resources and you potentially new to social media, of course it can feel very overwhelming.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a vital part of the social strategy.  You need to set clear goals or you just become silly busy and lose sight of what you’re trying to do with social media. Remember the first section we talked about social media being like a free puppy, if you don’t have those clear goals and success criteria defined, how do you know that all the effort you and your team and put it into social media, is actually paid off.

Stop there before we run off and start setting goals and start thinking about what you want o achieve.  We are going to do an exercise of looking at where you are on your social media journey.  We do this so you can understand how the path to social media success looks. Now of course, opinions of where you are on social media might differ between you, your team and your customers, but trying place yourself based on knowledge you have on the washing line the steps to social media success the journey to social media success that are about to show you.

The first stage is traditional he was a baby steps of social media or even is preconception within your organisation, little to no social media listening or planning is happening or has happened and then might even be some skepticism in the business about the value of what is being said on social and how it can help your organisation to achieve it’s bigger goals.

Don’t be too disappointed if your hair is best to maintain.  And then of course you will be in a better place to improve.

The next step is experimental. This is why you’re trying out of various tactics and bits and pieces of stuff, but this potentially ends up with a disconnect and varying results. This can be a period of experimentation or trying this and try and that but it’s also why companies can be the most vulnerable.

Next up is the operational stage. This is the bit when your engine is starting to warm up.  This is where you might get your first success or start to see some results.  It normally means that your efforts are in sync with social engagement strategies training and alignment.  The integration is basically beginning to deliver some results.

The final stage is high impact. This is social engagement that is driving business results.  This is done by utilising the systems and tools that you put in place, a fully refined and competent across the board.  While doing, if you’ve already at this stage, however every part of the social journey has its risks and challenges. An organisation should never sit still because social media definitely doesn’t.