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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free analytics service that was launched 2005 and now is most widely used analytics tool on the internet.  It is used to gather information about your website to make decisions about it. Regardless of your business, product or services, you need to know how the visitors behave while visiting your website.

It paints a picture of who your visitor is and what he/she is looking for.

It is a software platform that connects to every page on your website.  It provide a vast amount of data through its reporting tools that helps you to make better decisions.  Good provide you a path for your visitors to read your site, the path they took and contents they viewed. Which page they left from and even what type of device they used to view your site.  t helps you set your goals and how your pages are set to achieve those goals.

It helps you to understand what is working and is not working.  It gives you insights about your site so you can make changes and boost your performance.  Also helps you to understand why your website is performing as it is.  By using Analytics, you should be able to uncover any WHY questions you may have, either uptick or down-tick in your website traffic.

In online business world, we can summarize online objectives into 5 categories:

  1. Ecommerce
  2. Lead generation
  3. Content publishing
  4. Online information
  5. Branding

Give your customers the information they are looking for, like contact information, where they can find it easily.  There is no point of having a valuable content/page where is not visible to your visitors.

It also capture the links and button clicks, browsers and operating systems they use.

It helps you how well your tools are working for you and if it’s not, how to fix it.

To better understand better, let me explain how Google Analytics works.

It works on four main parts:

  1. Data collection
  2. Configuration
  3. Data processing
  4. Reporting

To track a website, Google uses a small snippet of JavaScript code that you place on every pages of your website.  One visitor comes to your website, Google starts collecting data about the visit.  It also collect data on what type of content is being viewed, how long is being viewed for and as well as referring source.

Google process this data and turns it into something useful.  Them it gets organized into reports.

Reports are the most important part of Analytics.  Feel free to read read about more on Google’s website about these.


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