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Search Engine Optimization

Obviously, a website is essential. You need a website to create your own profile so you clients know you and why to trust you.

I’m not going to talk about creating a website, at least not now and not at this section, but I recommend WordPress for normal site or Magento for online Shop for obvious reasons.  You can download WordPress from their website or as nowadays hosting companies have the facility to install it for you.

Regardless of what website design or platform you use,  you need to make it visible to the WWW otherwise, you have a lovely shop full of products in the remote location which no one can find it.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process and a bit complicated but there are some basics that you can do to make it noticeable by Google.  Google is more important than any other search engine since %85 searches are through them.

Step 1:  Check List

  1. Use hrefs to inter link your webpages
  2. Install SEO Yoast if  you are using a WordPress
  3. Verify your site in Google Search Console
  4. Improve website speed
  5. Take Google mobile-friendly test
  6. Install WPSuper Cache plugin
  7.  Install WPSmush

Step 2: Keyword Search and implementation

  1. Develop Client Profile
  2. Keyword Strategy.  include keyword in the body of your contents.  repeat 2 or 3 time and have a decent length content.
  3. Choose and implement your keyword
  4. Use tags (keyword related)
  5. Use Titles (keyword related)
  6. Optimize your images (keyword related)
  7. Heading lines (keyword related)

Quick note, always analyze your competitor and see how they are doing their SEO.  Over optimizing your website will do more harm than help.

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