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Digital Marketing

Fundamental skills in Digital Marketing

Before you start Digital Marketing for any client, it is important to answer the following questions first:

  1. Who is your client?
  2. What problem of your client, you are going to solve?
  3. How your approach is going to be successful?

Step 1: Create Client Profile

Clients need to introduce themselves so you can understand them better.  What they are going to achieve is not enough.  You need to get in personal level with them and get to know them.

Questions below is a start point for you.

Name, Age, Location, Goal, Detailed Problem, Previous Attempts to solve the problem.

Step 2: Market Search

With the Client’s Identity, you will be more focused and easily discover the best solutions.

After obtaining basic Identity Information, you need to gather Identity Data.

Common places to obtain such data are listed below:

  1. Quora.com
  2. Online Marketplaces and Reviews
  3. Facebook
  4. Online Surveys
  5. Google Analytics
  6. YouTube Analytics
  7. Just Ask!
  8. Facebook Insight

Step 3: Identify A Unique Solution

You need to find the best solution based on Identity Data.

Always know that feedbacks are golden.

Step 4: Experimentation on Hypothesis

Based on the feedbacks create a hypothesis on what have the most impact on your solutions.  Test your hypothesis before spending too much time on Detailed Solutions.

Step 5: Documentation

Always document ALL ACTIVITIES.  Create an Excel Sheet at least and documents everything regarding your project.

Step 6: Analyze

Analyze what you found and find the solution that is working.  Focus on that solution ONLY.


To summarize, never start a Marketing Blindly.   Research and Client Profile is the most important of ANY project.

Projects are different, problems are different and therefore, their solutions are different.

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