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How to increase your Adsense earnings after a month-long test?

Working with Google Adsense, you should understand one simple rule. Nothing can be achieved without a proper testing. Making tests allows you to see the practical results of your experimenting, learning something new and getting useful tips to increase your earnings.

In this article, we’d like to offer you a couple of tests to make, in order to earn more.

1.High-paying advertisers VS the low-paying

This test is simple. Its aim lies in finding out, which advertisers pay less and filtering them out. As a result, your ads will be shown more frequently to those, who pay more.

Just log into your Adsense account and see the financial reports. After this, use ‘Allow and block ads’ to block those, who pay less.

2.Changing your ads formats

There is a plenty of ad formats, used by Adsense. But you can never know for sure, which of them are going to earn more for you. The only thing to know this is putting different units onto your page and making a comparison.

3.Ads positioning

Another question, besides your ads format, relates to the actual position of your ad blocks. Should it be placed under the heading? Or maybe your content block should be split with another ad? Maybe adding a little 720×90 banner is possible here and there…

As it was said before, the actual experiments only may show it.

Use this for discovering, how to increase your earnings easily, with minimum efforts.

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