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HIP MOBILITY – smooooth out your lifts / life

Stretching is NOT ❌ THE SAME AS MOBILITY. Although stretching may complement your mobility exercises, in nature, the goals and intent behind the two things are very different.
✔ Stretching aims to improve your PASSIVE range of motion (PROM), by using gravity or some external tool/ force to increase your range of motion. It’s considered passive because….well you just sit there waiting for things to happen.
✔ Mobility on the other hand aims to increase your ACTIVE range of motion (AROM). It does so by forcing you to go into different movements that challenge your muscular control in your PROM. As you can imagine, you need a PROM in order to develop AROM, which is why stretching is complimentary to mobility.
In today’s post, there will be a mixed bag of both that will allow you more degrees of freedom in your hip movements. This can help smooth out your squats, deadlifts, or lunges. This will also just be beneficial for those who don’t lift as well (looking at you desk jockeys – your hips tend to be tighter due to all the sitting).
➡️ Tactical Frog
➡️ Side-Lying Hip ERs (external rotations)
➡️ 90-90s Hip Thrusts
➡️ Seated Corkscrew Leg Raise
➡️ Running Pigeons
➡️ 90-90s with Twist
➡️ 90-90s with Side Bend
➡️ Progressive Toe Touches
➡️ Standing Lunge Stretch

by @docdavesong

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