Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Hip Bursitis


Now back to why you’re dealing with hip pain and what you can do about it. Pain in the side of the hip can be signs of ITB syndrome, bursitis, or even tendinitis of the GLUTES 🤕

Whatever the reason for you hip pain is, it’s being caused by an underlying imbalance ☝🏼

Many people go to get their hips in “alignment” and find short term relief. But if you don’t strengthen and re-build the areas of weakness, your condition will always return! 👎🏼

Strength training paired with mobility movements are underrated. It should be a part of almost every singe rehab and athletic program.

If you are currently dealing with pain in the side of your hip and you aren’t sure what it is, reach out!❗️

I can usually guide in the right direction of how to help fix your body very quickly just by asking a few questions! Stop living in pain, start finding solutions to your injuries 🔥🔥🔥

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