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FaceBook Marketing

Another great place for digital marketing is FaceBook which has more than 1.5 billion subscribers. Each user has more than 200 friends in average and pretty much share anything and everything with their facebook friends.

How to grow your business on FaceBook without FB Ads?

  1. Create an optimized facebook page
    1. Select the correct page type, i.e. local business
    2. Select correct page category i.e. Food
    3. Select proper and related business name
    4. Create a decent page logo
    5. Create a cover photo for your page.  Canva.com is a good place to find ideas or create them.
    6. In the about section, use the keywords and describe your services, product and why they user should come to your facebook.
    7. Promote other social media of your business, promote emails marketing form, your website’s address, your blog post and so on.
    8. Page setting should be based on user experience NOT business setup.
  2. People Engagement 
    1. High-quality posts and contents
    2. Mention “like” and”share”
  3. Tactics to get more likes
    1. Invite your friends and ask them to invite their friends
    2. Add your facebook page as your business place in your personal profile
    3. Share your page in your personal wall
    4. Send an email out and ask to join you on FaceBook
    5. Invite Linkedin contacts
    6. Add Facebook Like button on your website

I hope this helped. Don’t forget to Like and Share this page.

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