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7 things you MUST do to BUILD muscle at home (COVID-19)

Today, I want to share with you 7 things you MUST do to build muscle from the comfort of your own home.

With further ado, let’s get stuck into this list…

1-Select the correct exercises
Choose exercises that are challenging enough. This is a big mistake I am seeing at the moment.

People are choosing bodyweight exercises that are too easy and are not challenging your muscles enough to make them adapt and grow. For example, they are choosing exercises they can do 50+ repetitions with.

You want to be focusing on more challenging exercises to continue to build muscle from home. 

2-Rep ranges
Make sure your rep ranges are not too high. This is so so important!!

I am seeing a lot of guys perform exercises with rep ranges that are simply too high! Remember, we want to be focusing most of our efforts within the 10-30 rep range, whilst training at home. 

Therefore, select exercises to fail within these rep ranges. This rep range is ideal for accumulating enough volume for growth. 

3-Train to failure
In some of my other videos- I talk about not training to failure too frequently when you are at the gym or using heavy weights.

However, when training at home, because there’s less equipment available, you want to take all your exercises and sets to absolute failure.

Make sure to consume sufficient protein. Just because you’re training at home, it doesn’t mean that your protein intake should change.

Make sure you’re getting in sufficient protein.

5-Calorie surplus
There’s a great quote from Lyle McDonald that says you cannot build muscle out of wishful thinking and thin air alone. As such, to continue building muscle, you MUST be within a calorie surplus.

Therefore, you must be eating more calories than you’re burning. 

6-Progressive overload
Progressive overload still applies when training at home. Focus on increasing the difficulty and resistance of your exercises, so that you can force your muscles to adapt and grow.

This could be increasing the load. For example, if you’re using a weighted backpack for some of your exercises, you can increase the weight within the back pack.

Alternatively, you can transition to more difficult exercises over time at home, so that you can continue to progressively overload the muscles needed for growth. 

7-Meal frequency
Make sure you’re having at least 4 protein meals throughout the day to maximize muscle protein synthesis.

Just because you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean the same nutriton principles don’t apply to maximize growth. Focus on at least 4 protein rich meals per day to maximize muscle protein synthesis needed for NEW growth. 

Focus on the above and you’ll continue building muscle, despite the lock down.

Once again, stay safe throughout this period.

I understand if you’re struggling with training at home at the moment.

Don’t panic, that’s normal.

I am struggling for motivation as well at times. 

So, I totally get it. 

However, keep at it though, because it’s so important for your mental health as well as your physical health.

Keeping your physical health in check is the number one priority right now.

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